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3pcs Per Pack, Minimum 1 Pack Would Be Sold ..

Stock of Condoms Can Be Fluctuated, You Will Be Confirmed After Booking Your Order .. !!

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Delivery Information
Delivery Information
Products will be delivered as COD method Works!
Return Policy
Return Policy

For Lahore :-

Customers can return their products in five days only.

They have to send the pictures of the products they want to return.

Single or loose tablets can’t be refund or exchange.

Only Packs, sealed syrups and blister would be exchangeable with the given bill.

Other products will be discussed if they could get returned!

Customers have to place a new order and notify us (through email or WhatsApp 03222233312) the payment of products after discount. When they will receive a new order, The delivery boy will check the products and confirms the bill then he will adjust the bill.

We deliver the products in an open shopping bag & customers are totally allowed to confirm the products & the bill before paying to delivery boy.

Kindly check all your products before payment, After that we will not be responsible for any broken sealed medicines/syrups or any missing product.

For Other Cities :-

Customers can return their products in five days only.

They have to upload the pictures of the products they want to return.

First they have to return the product they purchased. Once we received the product we will send the required product.

You can only exchange the product if you have any issue like size etc.

The products you will get would not be in open shopping bag, You have to pay the bill and receive the product as COD method works.

We are trying our best to expand our business, Soon we will be able in your city too.

For International Countries :-

Customers can return their products according to the policy of the platform they purchased from.

We choose best quality products and authentic sellers for you, Still we can't guarantee if you have a bad experience.

You can simply complain about that seller at their platform.

We recommend you best products on our platform but we are not responsible for any bad experience you face.


Super 7 Condom – Your premium ticket to a heightened, protected, and pleasure-filled grown-up adventure!

Imagine this condom as your superhero cape, combining the best of both worlds. Here’s what makes it extraordinary:

    • Premium Pleasure: The “Super 7 Condom” brings you the best in pleasure with its premium design. It’s like upgrading your adventure to a deluxe experience, ensuring maximum enjoyment for you and your partner.


    • Delayed Delight: Ever wish you could make the good times last a bit longer? This condom is specially crafted for delayed delight, giving you an extended and satisfying journey. It’s like having a magic wand for time.


    • Studded Sensation: Picture this – tiny studs for an extra sensation! The “Super 7 Condom” adds a textured twist to your adventure, making every moment more thrilling and unforgettable.


    • Maximum Protection: Being a grown-up means taking responsibility, and the “Super 7 Condom” has your back. It’s not just about pleasure; it’s about maximum protection, ensuring a safe and secure experience throughout your escapade.

Purchase this cool item for amazing adventures of your life.